Brittany Taylor

Postdoctoral Fellows

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Department of Neurological Sciences

My research interests focus on understanding the dynamic interrelationships between cognitive abilities, neural processing, and behaviors across development, particularly during childhood and adolescence. During graduate school, I used electroencephalography and event-related potentials to study attention and executive functioning in typically-developing children. Following graduation, I spent one year as a post-doctoral research fellow at Boys Town National Research Hospital studying psychopathology in the adolescent brain via functional magnetic resonance imaging. Now in Dr. Wilson’s Lab, I am learning how to use magnetoencephalography to examine neurocognitive development from childhood on through adolescence in a large-scale, longitudinal study.


Ph.D. - Applied Developmental Sciences, Colorado State University (2017)
M.S. - Family and Developmental Sciences, Colorado State University (2014)
B.S. - Psychlogy: Mind, Brain, and Behavioral Sciences, Colorado State University (2012)
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